Unbrick Redmi Note 5 / Pro with Bypass Authorized Mi Account ROM

What is Anti-Rollback Protection ?

Anti-rollback protection is a security feature from Xiaomi that prevents HP from booting normally if the system detects that the device has been downgraded to an earlier version or installed an illegal ROM.
Anti-rollback protection is actually needed to prevent viruses , malware or other attackers from loading older versions of software that are vulnerable to viruses and the like.
Actually this feature has been implemented by Google on their Android Oreos and Pies.
This feature is called Android Verified Boot 2.0 or also known as Verified Boot .

Unbrick redmi Note 5 / Pro with the ROM Bypass Authorized Account Mi | foldertips.com – The Redmi Note 5 / Pro (whyred) brick in this article is caused by anti-rollback.

Unbrick Redmi Note 5 / Pro with Bypass Authorized Mi Account ROM

Preparation needed:
Materials needed :
If you have prepared all the ingredients, connect the Redmi Note 5 / Pro to a PC or laptop with a good quality USB cable.
Because your Redmi Note 5 / Pro is in EDL mode, make sure it is detected in the device manager as QDLoader Qualcom HS-USB like this …
edl mode mi4c
If there is a club sign, disable driver signature enforcement , read the method  here .
After that, run  MiFlashTools then click Refresh ,
flashing with mi flash tools
Your Redmi Note 5 / Pro will be detected as COMX ;
Next, click  select  and navigate to the  folder where you put the extract from ROM in the above material.
At the bottom of MiFlash, select  Clean all .
Unbrick Redmi Note 5 / Pro with Bypass Authorized Mi Account ROM
If so, click Flash .
Wait until the process is complete with the status  “flash done”  as shown below.
overcome bootloop successfully
After the process is complete, disconnect the USB cable and try turning on the Redmi Note 5 / Pro by pressing the Power  button for a while.
Your Redmi Note 5 / Pro should be able to return to normal from brick due to anti-rollback protection .
  1. If there is a hello packet error can it not read COM during the flashingprocess , try to enter the EDL mode again by pressing the Power button for about 8 seconds. This step will restart EDL mode, check the device manager shows that the COM port is missing for a moment and reappears;
  2. If an error appears “You are not authorized to download” , remove the battery and try to flash again;
Likewise Unbrick Redmi Note 5 / Pro with Bypass Authorized Mi Account ROM.

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