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How to check if the device is rooted

Many users are willing to root their devices at some point of time. But, what if the user is not sure if his device is already rooted, and doesn’t know how to check? Android Ultimate Toolbox Pro offers that feature as well.

How to do it:
1. Connect your device to the computer. Make sure it’s booted into Android OS.
2. Open Android Ultimate Toolbox Pro and click the button labeled as ‘Check root’, which is located in the ‘Root management’ group. Wait until the program checks if the device is rooted.

How to create Android update files (

Android Ultimate Toolbox Pro offers you the feature to create Android update files ( which can be applied to devices from the recovery menu. For users, it’s a really simple task. So, here’s how it’s done:
1. Open Android Ultimate Toolbox Pro and click the button labeled as ‘Create’, which is found in the group named ‘Zip management’. A new window will appear on the screen.
2. To add items to your update, click the button labeled as ‘Add files’, ‘Add directory’ or ‘Add boot.img’ to add files, directory or a boot image to your update file respectively. Then, type where you want your files or directory to be located in the Android system. If you want to remove an update entry, select the entry you want to remove and click the button labeled as ‘Remove entry’.
3.If you want, you can set permissions to files or folders you’ve added to the update. To do that, select the update entry you want to set permissions to, and click the button labeled as ‘Set permissions…’. A new window will appear. Type the uid, gid and permissions you want to set to the file and click ‘OK’.
4 .If you want, you can symlink update files. Select the update entry you want to create a symlink for, and click the button labeled as ‘Symlink…’. A new window will appear. Type where you want to symlink the file and click ‘OK’.
5. When you are done, click the big button labeled as ‘Save as…’ and save your file. Your update file will be signed automatically.

Download Android Ultimate Toolbox Pro:

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Install Requirements Of Android Ultimate Tool box Pro:
1. Installed device drivers
2. Installed fastboot drivers
3. Microsoft.NET Framework 4 (including the Client Profile)
4. Java JDK and JRE (for signing update files)
5.Android SDK

6.Device running on Android OS

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