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Browser (Offline Installer)

(Colibri Browser)A Unique Simplest Web-Browser Without Tabs for PC



Colibri is a different type of browser in the simplest way

Colibri Browser (32-bit) is designed to be fast, efficient, and uncluttered. Its interface is uniquely light and compact. It helps you browse the internet faster and view more content without endless tabs. Colibri Browser is available for macOS, Windows, and Linux. Links are designed to replace tabs, bookmarks, and history. You can add any web page to the Links for future reference with a single click. Links are persistent and stored securely on the server. A Unique Simplest Web-Browser Without Tabs for Windows! Lists are designed for grouping and organizing the items in your Links. It is especially useful when your Links collection grows larger and you want to create smaller groups based on the topic. Feeds are a new addition to the Colibri Browser that lets you subscribe to web feeds. It will automatically fetch the latest entries so you won’t miss any updates from your favorite websites.

❇The import tool is one of the popular requests that we have received since the initial release of Colibri. A month ago, I added the “Import Bookmarks” feature to Colibri beta. You can find it on the menu (File > Import Bookmarks). The import tool takes the standard export format in HTML. In most browsers or online services, you can export your existing bookmarks to such format. The tool will first analyze the file and then it will let you know how many bookmarks and folders it can identify. Click “Start Import” to start the importing process. All identified bookmarks will be added to Links and all identified folders will be added to Lists.

The menu

There is a menu button (two horizontal lines) in the top left corner of Colibri. If you click on that menu button, you can gain access to features like:

  • New Window
  • New Private Window
  • Add to Links/Feeds
  • Export as PDF
  • Take Screenshot
  • Import Bookmarks
  • Undo/Redo
  • Cut/Copy/Paste
  • Back/Forward/Reload
  • Zoom in/out
  • Manage account
  • And more


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Browser (Offline Installer)

Opera 60.0.3255.170 Stable Update{For X32 and X64 Bit}



Opera is a secure web browser that is both fast and rich in features. It has a slick interface that embraces a modern, minimalist look, coupled with stacks of tools to make browsing more enjoyable. These include such tools as Speed Dial, which houses your favorites and Opera Turbo mode, which compresses pages to give you quicker navigation, (even when you have a bad connection).

Opera Open-Source Browser

Opera has everything you need to browse the web via a great interface. From startup it offers a Discover page that brings fresh content to you directly; it displays the news you want by topic, country, and language. The Speed dial and bookmarks pages are also available to you at launch, which gives you easy access to the sites you use the most and those you’ve added to your favorite list.

Features include:

  • Sleek interface.
  • Download manager.
  • Customizable themes.
  • Extensions.
  • Speed dial.
  • Private browsing mode.
  • Discover provides fresh news content.

Opera provides an integrated search and navigation function, which is a common sight among its other, well known, adversaries. Opera utilizes a single bar for both search and navigation, instead of having two text fields at the top of the screen. This feature obviously keeps the browser window uncluttered, whilst providing you with top functionality.

Overall, Opera has an excellent design coupled with top performance; it is both simple and practical. The keyboard shortcuts are similar to other browsers, the available options are varied and the Speed Dial interface is pleasant to use. You can also customize Opera with themes and make your browsing experience even more personal. So, if you are thinking of trying something different than your usual browser, Opera could be the choice for you.

Download:-OPERA X86 Setup

Download:-OPERA X64 Setup

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Browser (Offline Installer)

Download Firefox Offline Installers With Direct Link



Mozilla Firefox Offline Installers For Windows 32 and 64 BIT

Firefox 66 is available for download, installation and upgrade. Fondly termed as the “Developer’s Browser” in the software development industry, Firefox is free and open-source and it uses the Gecko layout engine to render web pages. When it was released in 2002, no-one could have anticipated the kind of loyal consumer base it would create over the years.

Credit By Mozilla

What is the difference between each Firefox edition?

Mozilla normally releases Firefox in four editions according to the development stages.

  • Firefox Nightly
  • Firefox Aurora (Now Firefox Developers edition)
  • Firefox Beta
  • Firefox Release

Firefox Nightly

This edition is released nightly. It gets check-ins each day and gets updated two times a day. This can often lead to problems until fixed, finished or reverted. It is thus, the most unstable build.

Firefox Beta

Firefox Beta is basically the next version of Firefox released around 6 weeks in advance. While it is more stable than Nightly, it’s still not final and may have minor bugs.

Firefox Developers Edition

Firefox Developers Edition is more geared towards the developers. It has java debuggers and a lot of tools which you can access from the menu or a right click to diagnose issues with web pages you might be working on.

Download Link X86:- Click Here

Download Link:- X64:- Click Here

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Browser (Offline Installer)

Google Chrome 73.0.3729.108 (offline installer) Free Here



Google Chrome 73.0.3729.108 (32 and 64BIT)

The web browser is arguably the most important piece of software on your computer. You spend much of your time online inside a browser: when you search, chat, email, shop, bank, read the news and watch videos online, you often do all this using a browser.

Credit By Google

Google Chrome is a browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier. Use one box for everything–type in the address bar and get suggestions for both search and Web pages. Thumbnails of your top sites let you access your favorite pages instantly with lightning speed from any new tab. Desktop shortcuts allow you to launch your favorite Web apps straight from your desktop. Chrome has many useful features built in, including automatic full-page translation and access to thousands of apps, extensions, and themes from the Chrome Web Store.

many computer users are face downloading chrome online installing. i am also realized this and provided offline installing of both ver os link is available below:-

Google Chrome X86:- Link

Google Chrome X64:- Link

How To Make Google Chrome Browse More Faster With These 4 Steps

The method is very simple and we will be editing some hidden feature of chrome in this method and with that you chrome speed will boost up and it will browse webpages faster. So follow up the below methods to proceed:

#1 Method: Editing Chrome Flag Settings To Make It Faster

1. First of all open the address chrome://flags/ in your Google chrome.

2. Now there you will see lots of settings there.

3. Search out for “Maximum tiles for interest area” and change its value to 512 that is maximum RAM that you will be allocated to the Chrome. ( You can use ctrl+f to find these options).

4. Now search For the “Number of raster threads” and change its value to 4.

5. Now enable “Enable fast tab/window close”.

6. That’s it now relaunch your browser and enjoy the faster performance of your browser.

#2 Method: Using Google Chrome Extension

1. Download and install a cool plugin
Web Boost in your Google chrome.

2. Thats it this extension will get added to your browser and you can see icon at the right top corner, just click on it to start it.

#3 Method: Changing The Settings In Google Chrome

1. First of all go to three line button at the the top right corner of your Google chrome.

2. Then click on “settings” and then “Show Advanced Settings” 
3. Now under privacy look for “Prefetch resources to load pages more quickly” and tick on it.

4. There you will have 3 options listed in your android chrome which can be set according to as:
Always :- If you want to load pages both on cellular and wifi network.
Wifi – If only wifi connection is there then only it will load prefetch pages.
Never :- It will never prefetch pages and this can save your data on your limited connection.

#4 Method: Clearing Cache & unnecessary Plugins and Extensions

1. Type chrome://plugins/ in your google chrome and clear out or say remove the plugins that are unnecessary in your browser.

2. Type chrome://extensions/ in your chrome browser and clear all the extension that you don’t need in your browser.

3. Type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData and clear all your history from the beginning including history, cache file and all other saved data of your browser to make it faster.

With these ways, you can easily boost up your browser speed and can enjoy fast switching speed between tabs.

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